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About Us & What We Do

Griffin security is providing security services since 2001. The head office of the company is placed at Karachi Sindh. The company was initially only providing armed security guards. Over the past fifteen years basing on our experience we have added a variety of services to the list of our security products. The company is presently providing a wide variety of security services and related equipment under different brand names. The organization of our service providers is attached as. The list of our security products/services are attached as..
Our mission statement has always been to outweigh our competitors by virtue of our quality of services. We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide all the related services and product from a single out let. If you are a customer of griffin security you need not look for any other service provider to solve your security related problems. At griffin we never say NO or May be. The requirement of client is always fulfilled. It is this pride that makes us different from all the others.


The company head office is at Karachi. We have a country wide. The list
of branch offices is attached as Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan Lahore ,


  • Security Guards.

  • Recovery & Consultancy Services.

  • Employee’s Verification.

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We consider ourselves professionals. The services that we provide are sensitive and lives depend upon it. We therefore are very specific about the training of all of our employee’s cadres. It includes both senior and junior level employees. No security guard is employed on duty less he is trained in his duty and weapon handling. The training of employees is conducted by griffin Training Institute. After the basic training the guards before switch over to another grade are required to complete certain training courses. Minimum requirement for employment of guards is attached as 20 year old.


We have our own training institute that caters for the training needs of our company. Verity of courses are held for the employees of the company. Courses are also offered to our Clients, commercial and industrial sector. Details of the courses conducted are attached as .


  • Security Supervisor Course
  • Security Watchman Course
  • Unarmed Combat Course
  • Fire Fighting Course
  • First Aid Course
  • Use of Security Gadgets Course
  • Employees Security Verification Course


We have a full fledged company as highlighted at Annex-1 to look after the communication requirement of our clients. We can provide wireless communication throughout Pakistan using varieties of equipment as per requirement of client. Under license from PTA.


Verification is the most important aspect of security services. We provide security to our clients. It is shameful that at times incidents have happen that security turned into insecurity itself. The employees of security service sector have been involved in various crimes and our sector has been the center of criticism most recently. In last seventeen years none of our employee has been involved in any breach of security. The said claim is our proud asset. Each and every employee is grilled through an extensive security verification procedure.


Weapons though are our main force however the policy of the company is that it should be used as a last resort. We by means of good security precautionary measures and security drills with the help of our clients ensure that such use is limited. The policy is to avoid security breach rather repair. A part from the quality of weapon the maintenance of weapon is most important. The company maintains a full time workshop with all the requisite machinery required for the purpose. The ammunition is provided as per requirement. The main weapons used are pump action, Pistol and SMG.


The company apart from paying a good salary also ensures that guards are provided enough mental relaxation by convincing them that they will be looked after in their times of distress. In last fifteen years three of our employees have been killed in the line of duty. Their family is looked after till to date by us and we promise to take care of their welfare till they can sustain themselves. Many of our guards have received gunshots during their duty. All the medical care, it does not matter what it costs is provided to our employees. Comprehensive Group Insurance, Social Security and EOBI cover is extended.


The security services since deals with weapons and equipments. Other than LEA it is only the prerogative of security service sector that is licensed to deal with such weapons and equipment. Legal complication is likely to arise when the guard exercises his right of use of weapon in case of attempted robberies, theft, trespassing etc. The company to cater for all such legal eventualities has maintained a legal cell comprising of legal experts to cater for such incidents. It reduces the liabilities and lessens the depressive moments experienced by clients in such incidents.


We have our sister concern that primarily caters for the installation of emergency response system and its monitoring. A well established control room that monitors the emergency response to our clients spread over the entire city of Karachi is maintained by us. The entire city is covered by a net work of response teams comprising of highly trained senior employees of our company. In case of emergency may it be medical or criminal they respond within minutes to the designated site to help the victims. Presently only the city of Karachi is covered by these emergency teams.
The said company is also a security licensed company with the permission and license to provide such services. There are only five response companies throughout Pakistan and it is one of them.


The company is providing varieties of services since more than a decade therefore we have our own comprehensive standard operating procedures dealing with emergencies and day to day working. It covers everything that happens in the life of a security company from the day of employment till the day one leaves the company ,duties of supervisors and their promotion criteria, response in case of emergencies etc. A long list of registers and diaries are maintained at our office that keep everything monitored and according to the
standard operating procedures of the company. These operating procedures hence are the proud assets of the company.


1. DHL Pakistan
2. TCS Pakistan
3. Pak Shaheen Container
4. Beacon Light School
5. UDL Pakistan
6. NPD Uniliever Pakistan
7. Unique Trader
8. Mazda Trader
9. Millat Fan
10. HM Cables
11. Country Marketing
12. AbbTak Television
13. Mehran Engineering
14. Mehran University Khairpur Campus
15. Water World Picnic Park Gharo


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I. 12 Bore Short Gun (Semi-Automatic)
II. 12 Bore Short Gun (G3 Style)
III. 7 MM (Automatic, Assault Rifle)
IV. 30 Bore Pistol
V. 223 Rifle Semi Automatic


  • Should be medically fit.
  • Should be trained in Weapons handling.
  • Should be trained by Griffin Training Institute and APSA
  • All concerned documents should be completed in original document that is NIC card, Discharged Book, Domicile, Local Police Enquiry report, etc.
  • NIC Verified from NADRA.
  • He Should Have Fired With Pistol/Rifle and Qualified from Griffin Training Institute & APSA


  • Walk through gate.
  • Metal detector.
No one protects you better - The security of your family & home.

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